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ACASIA, the Association of Executives for Social Support Initiative and Action, is a Madagascar based organization dedicated to supporting and ensuring innovative community engagement and solutions for social and cultural development of young people. Together with the University of Fianarantsoa, this group of committed and passionate volunteers is working to bring real change that will impact the lives of Malagasy youth for generations to come.

The University of Fiaranatsoais one of the largest universities in Madagascar, located in the southeast region of the island. The strategic goal of the university is to foster an environment for excellence, innovation and development in the region and the nation.

The mission and vision of both the University and ACASIA resonates and aligns with the work that Defining Humanity aims to do globally. Providing access to safe, innovative and inclusive spaces that would empower the youth is the natural synergy between all three organizations and will be the guiding light for this project