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Frugal innovation reshapes education.

In May 2023, Defining Humanity had the distinct honor of being invited by HGA ( ) , a renowned architecture and engineering firm with a national footprint, to present at their Design Council’s firmwide lecture series, Design Conversations.  

The presentation titled, One Day, One School, showcased how Defining Humanity’s innovative and holistic design approach combines frugal and cutting-edge technology solutions to create real impact in underserved areas globally.  

Our co-founders, Yash, Taruna and Bruno took a deep dive into how our approach is changing the game and making a difference in communities in need made for an engaging conversation in a room full of designers and engineers.

As a firm that is very technology focused and has its own history of community work, there are a lot of synergies in the work we do. A key part of the presentation focused on 3D printed concrete technology and its impact on architecture. The 3D printed school campus project in Tulear, Madagascar, is a prime example of how we can leverage some of these new technologies for innovative design solutions while being frugal and efficient. One school a day is what the goal is to bring us one step closer to a brighter future for millions around the world.

The Design Conversations series provided a significant platform to amplify the organization's message and build vital connections with like-minded professionals. The collaborative spirit, shared values, and engaged discussions during the presentation underscored the power of design to shape a better future. As Defining Humanity continues its mission, these opportunities to connect with influential firms amplify the impact and contribute to a collective vision of creating a more equitable and sustainable world.