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Innovate Chicago

Chicago Innovate Tech is an event organized and moderated by local design technologists, architects and engineers that focuses on innovation and technology in the architecture - engineering - construction - operations (AECO) industry. Their vision is to create a multidisciplinary community of innovation within Chicago’s AECO industry.  

The annual symposium brings together and connects innovative individuals and startups where an exchange of ideas and innovations aims to push the boundaries of our local and international communities and create a discourse around advanced tech and innovation in AEC.

Defining Humanity, represented by Yash Mehta and Bruno Silva, was invited to give a talk on Automation in Construction. Leveraging innovation and technology are the cornerstone of our vision to make design accessible to all.

In the realm of architecture, prototyping and digital twin technologies have emerged as transformative tools, redefining the design and construction processes. Prototyping enables architects to bring their concepts to life in tangible forms, allowing for a hands-on exploration of spatial relationships, materials, and functionality. This iterative approach not only fosters creativity but also enhances problem-solving by uncovering potential challenges early in the design phase. Complementing this, the advent of digital twin technology has revolutionized how architects conceptualize and manage projects. A digital twin is a virtual replica of a physical structure, providing real-time data and insights throughout its lifecycle. Architects can use digital twins to simulate and analyze various scenarios, optimizing performance, energy efficiency, and maintenance strategies. Together, prototyping and digital twin technologies empower architects to bridge the gap between the conceptual and physical realms, ensuring more informed and efficient decision-making in the dynamic landscape of architectural design and construction.  

Our team uses both these tools to optimize and enhance our design and processes. These have played a big part in the 3DCP projects we have been working on. Challenging time, we were able to 3D print a whole classroom in 18 hours in Madagascar.  

Our mission revolves around empowering individuals and nurturing a strong sense of community. It is not just about implementing technology but about sharing knowledge and providing access to the locals, as we believe that inclusivity is fundamental to progress. Education serves as the cornerstone upon which we construct our future. Through impactful seminars like this, we are extending our outreach to both emerging professionals and peers, creating a collaborative space where ideas and expertise are shared. By imparting technological skills and fostering a culture of continuous learning, we are not only building structures but also cultivating a foundation for sustainable development and shared prosperity within the communities we engage with.