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The International Conference on Advcanced Manufacturing (ICAM) was held Orlando, Florida in Fall 2022.  

ICAM brings experts from around the world, including industry experts, academia, and government agency professionals, to exchange the latest developments in the field of advanced manufacturing.  

Defining Humanity’s Bruno Silva was invited to be part of a panel on “Additive Construction - Current State, Gaps, and Future Development". Moderated by Stephan Mansour of Wohlers Associates, the panel also included Berry Hendriks of CyBe Construction Marina Konstantatou of Foster + Partners and Matteo Jean Pietrobelli, Structural Engineer.  

The panel discussion focused on the realistic adoption of additive construction to address current issues like labor deficiency, material availability and environmental impacts.

The pragmatic adoption of additive construction presents a promising solution to address pressing challenges in the construction industry, including labor shortages, material scarcity, and environmental impacts. As traditional construction methods face limitations due to a shortage of skilled labor and the availability of conventional building materials, additive construction emerges as a viable alternative. By utilizing 3D printing technologies and automated processes, construction projects can significantly reduce dependency on manual labor, speeding up the building process and mitigating workforce shortages. Moreover, the technique allows for the use of alternative construction materials, including recycled ones, promoting sustainability and minimizing environmental impact. As the construction industry grapples with the need for more efficient and eco-friendly practices, the realistic adoption of additive construction emerges as a transformative approach that not only addresses immediate challenges but also lays the foundation for a more sustainable and resilient future in construction.

The ICAM conference serves as a nexus for the brightest minds in the dynamic field of additive construction. Through ongoing discourse, we continue our commitment to addressing and navigating the pivotal concerns and challenges that currently confront our industry. Our work and research signify a commitment to leveraging collective expertise and fostering innovative solutions to propel additive construction into new frontiers of efficiency, sustainability, and technological advancement. We look forward to the shared insights and collaborative efforts that will undoubtedly emerge from these conferences, contributing significantly to the growth and resilience of the additive construction sector.