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Malagasy youth face numerous challenges that hinder their socio-economic development and prospects for the future. Limited access to quality education is a pressing issue, with many young people lacking the resources and opportunities needed to pursue higher education. This perpetuates a cycle of poverty and inequality, as individuals without access to higher education are often unable to secure well-paying jobs or contribute meaningfully to their communities.


Another significant contributor to the problem is that only 20percent of the population in Madagascar has access to the internet, with the majority residing in urban areas. This digital divide disproportionately affects young people, limiting their ability to access educational materials, job opportunities, and information essential for personal and professional growth. There is a pressing need to invest in technology infrastructure and resources to empower the youth to participate fully in the digital economy and contribute to the country's development. By providing access to technology and resources, such as computers, internet connectivity, and digital skills training, we can unlock the potential of Madagascar's youth, enabling them to access opportunities, pursue education, and shape a brighter future for themselves and their communities.


The establishment of a new media library and cultural center represents a significant step towards the university's broader mission of promoting knowledge, access to technology and community development. By facilitating access to educational resources for individuals from diverse backgrounds and fostering a culture of lifelong learning, it seeks to contribute to the socioeconomic advancement of Madagascar and its youth. The existing library lacks the space, technology infrastructure and resources to cater to the current needs of the students and staff.


In addition to being a hub for technology and an incubator for ideas, the component of a cultural center ties the campus back to the local culture and creates engagement opportunities with the community. Celebrating the cultural identity of a country that has a rich history of art, music and dance is an important aspect of this project and takes a step towards preserving the cultural heritage of Madagascar.

As the Defining Humanity team works on the design of this new library and cultural center, our focus is to take the vision that the university staff, faculty, and students have shared with us and create a welcoming resource for everyone. A technology forward space that is iconic and showcases innovation in the region. A catalyst for multidisciplinary collaboration and a center for inclusion and exchange.