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The Design Drivers of the Project

In the heart of collaborative design lies the essence of understanding and responding to the community's needs, a principle that has guided our non-profit architecture firm's latest venture with FirstRepair. This project, a testament to the power of unity and shared goals, aims at creating a Resource Center not just as a building, but as a beacon of community, flexibility, economy, and identity.

Community-Centered Design

The journey began with an immersive visioning session involving the entire community, followed by a series of meetings with key stakeholders. The essence of these discussions was not merely to listen but to understand and integrate the community's voice into every brick laid and every space created. This process crystallized four pivotal project drivers: Community, Flexibility, Economy, and Identity. These principles have not only shaped our approach but also ensured that the design resonates deeply with those it aims to serve.

Flexibility Through a Kit of Parts

At the core of our design philosophy is the concept of a "Kit of Parts" - an innovative approach to furniture and space utilization that champions multipurpose functionality. This adaptable system allows for an array of configurations, from event spaces and exhibit areas to training rooms and collaborative work areas. The idea is to create a fluid space that evolves with the community's needs, enabling the Resource Center to be a dynamic hub for growth, learning, and connection.

Frugal Design & Economic Sustainability

Understanding the importance of economy in sustainability, our design emphasizes cost-effectiveness without compromising quality or functionality. By employing a "Kit of Parts," we ensure that the resource allocation is optimized, allowing for a broader impact within the available resources. This approach not only addresses the immediate financial considerations but also ensures long-term adaptability and sustainability of the space.

Identity and Belonging

Perhaps the most profound aspect of this project is its focus on identity. The Resource Center is envisioned as a canvas for the community's expressions, a place where local culture, values, and histories are not just displayed but celebrated. Through thoughtful design and the versatile use of spaces, the center aims to foster a sense of belonging and pride among its users, making it a true embodiment of the community's spirit.


In collaboration with FirstRepair, we are not just designing a building; we are crafting a living, breathing space that responds to the community's aspirations. Through the principles of Community, Flexibility, Economy, and Identity, we are setting a new standard for architectural projects that are rooted in understanding and serving the needs of those they are intended for. This Resource Center stands as a testament to what can be achieved when architecture goes beyond buildings to shape communities and futures.

As we move forward with this project, we invite the architectural community and beyond to follow our journey, engage with our process, and witness the transformative power of design that truly listens and responds. Together, we are not just building spaces; we are nurturing the foundations of community and identity for generations to come.