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Madagascar is witnessing a new era in architecture with 'Defining Humanity.' Their approach emphasizes empathy, innovation, sustainability, and community engagement.

Standing as a beacon for architects worldwide, championing principles of innovation, sustainability, and community engagement. At the heart of their approach lies the IMPACCTS framework, a guiding light for their architectural endeavors.

One remarkable embodiment of their ethos is the construction of a 3D-printed school in Madagascar, a marvel of modern technology and sustainable practices. This project not only showcases the rapid advancements in construction techniques but also underscores the profound impact architecture can have on local communities.

This evolving architectural ethos challenges the traditional role of architects. It calls upon them to be not just creators of structures, but also catalysts for positive change. Architects are urged to harness innovation and channel it into designs that resonate with hope, empathy, and transformative potential.