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Limiting Potential of future generations:

Madagascar's Schoolchildren Lose 3.5 Million Hours Annually Due to Poor Water and Sanitation

MISSION: Our mission is to ensure every child in Madagascar has access to dignified sanitation facilities and safe, clean drinking water. We believe these are basic human rights and essential for creating a healthy learning environment. By providing these crucial resources on school campuses, we aim to improve health outcomes, boost school attendance, and empower students to reach their full potential. Together, we can build a foundation for a brighter, healthier future for all children.

VISION: To create a future where every school in Madagascar offers safe, clean drinking water and dignified sanitation facilities, ensuring that all children can thrive in a healthy, supportive learning environment and achieve their full potential without the barrier of preventable illness.

CHALLENGE - Only 12.3% of Madagascar and close to 28% of schools have access to any sanitation. This along with the poor quality drinking water has an adverse affect not only on the health of the students but also on school attendance  especially female students where girls do not have access to gendered toilets and a clean place for menstrual hygiene management.


Empowering Madagascar's Future: The introduction of modern toilet facilities on school campus marks a transformative leap forward in the lives of children, particularly girls. With gender-specific facilities and access to clean menstrual hygiene management, girls can attend school without the fear or discomfort associated with inadequate facilities. No longer burdened by health hazards or social stigma, girls can focus on their education with confidence and dignity. With access to clean water and proper sanitation, illness-related absenteeism plummets, allowing precious hours of learning to be reclaimed – 3.5 million hours annually, to be exact. This initiative not only safeguards the health of  children but also propels them towards brighter futures, ensuring that every child has the opportunity to flourish and contribute meaningfully to their communities and beyond.

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Making The Impact:
The 3D printed campus project extends educational opportunities to hundreds of children in the Tulear area, overcoming limitations on access and growth potential. By incorporating clean drinking water and proper sanitation facilities designed with dignity in mind, the project creates a holistic campus environment. Madagascar is at the bottom of the list of 76 developing countries with the lowest access to basic sanitation. This lack of facilities leads to negative outcomes where more than 6,500 children under five die every year from diarrhea. For the country to make progress, it is important to safeguard its youth and provide a safe, healthy learning environment for them. Through this initiative to build gendered toilets on the campus site we are making an impact where it is most needed.  Architecture of this project draws inspiration from the local context, culture, and history, translating them into built forms that celebrate and reflect the unique identity of a place, creating a connection with the community. Creating spaces that respect and empower individuals, promoting inclusivity, accessibility, and the fulfillment of basic human needs, ultimately enhancing quality of life for all.


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