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ASTM ICAM Conference 2023

The InternationalConference on Advcanced Manufacturing (ICAM) was held from October 30-November3, 2023 in Washington DC. Hosted by the ASTM InternationalAdditive Manufacturing Center of Excellence (AM CoE), the conference consisted of26 symposia covering major topics and key areas in additive and advancedmanufacturing.  

ICAM brings experts from around the world, including industryexperts, academia, and government agency professionals, to exchange the latestdevelopments in the field of advanced manufacturing. Topics include industrystandards, design principles, qualification and certification, innovation inthe industry, materials and processes and data management and sharing.

Defining Humanity was handpicked to participate in one of thesessions on Applicaiton of additive manufacturing (AM) in construction on Earthand Beyond.

With the broad global audience at this conference, we looked toshare our thoughts on leveraging 3D printing in architecture with an emphasison how Defining Humanity is using it for social impact work.

The presentation was titled: 3D Concrete Printing andArchitectural Design: Exploring the Potential of Computational Design Tools& Optimization Techniques.

In the heart of the educational infrastructure crisis in partsof Africa, the Defining Humanity team has emerged as a beacon of hope,leveraging cutting-edge technology to address the challenges at hand. Our teamof global thought leaders has pioneered the use of 3D printed concrete (3DCP)structures, revolutionizing conventional approaches to construction in thepursuit of a more sustainable and accessible future for education.

At the core of our non-profit's groundbreaking initiatives arethe transformative capabilities of 3D printed concrete. This innovativeconstruction method has opened doors to previously unexplored possibilities interms of efficiency, speed, and cost-effectiveness. We have been able to createdurable and functional structures that stand as a testament to the potential of3DCP in addressing the urgent need for educational facilities.

The Defining Humanity team has pioneered the use of 3D printedconcrete (3DCP) structures to solve the educational infrastructure crisis inparts of Africa. Through the lens of the two projects our team discussed indepth the concepts of 3DCP along with strategies our team of global thoughtleaders have been using to optimize the use of materials and constructiondetails using computational tools such as Grasshopper.

By partnering with key players in the 3DCP industry, theDefining Humanity team is not only addressing immediate challenges but alsopaving the way for future development. The collaboration with WASP and COBODsignifies a commitment to continuous innovation and a shared vision of pushingthe boundaries of what is possible in architectural design, forms, andprocesses.

The Defining Humanity team's journey into the realm of 3Dprinted concrete is not merely a technological feat but a testament to thepower of collaboration, innovation, and a shared commitment to making educationaccessible to all. As they continue to forge new paths and redefine thelandscape of construction, the impact of their work extends far beyond concretestructures, leaving an indelible mark on the future of education in Africa andbeyond.