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Time for Global Action on Homelessness

Over Half a Million People Without Shelter

MISSION: To understand and address the root causes of homelessness through comprehensive research, innovative solutions, and collaborative efforts, ensuring that every individual has access to safe, affordable, and permanent housing. By leveraging data-driven insights and community-driven initiatives, we aim to create sustainable and scalable models that empower and uplift homeless populations globally.

VISION: A world where homelessness is eradicated, and every person has a secure place to call home. We envision a future where communities are resilient and inclusive, with robust support systems and innovative housing solutions that provide stability, dignity, and hope for all individuals. Our commitment is to drive impactful change through research, advocacy, and action, transforming the landscape of homelessness and fostering a society where everyone thrives.

CHALLENGE: Homelessness remains a persistent and complex issue, with over half a million individuals in the United States alone lacking stable housing. This crisis is exacerbated by factors such as economic inequality, insufficient affordable housing, mental health challenges, and systemic barriers. The multifaceted nature of homelessness requires coordinated efforts across sectors, innovative solutions, and significant investment in both preventative and supportive measures."

OPPORTUNITY: Despite the daunting challenges, there is a unique opportunity to transform how we address homelessness through innovative housing solutions, comprehensive support systems, and multi-sector collaboration. By leveraging data-driven research and community insights, we can develop scalable models that not only provide immediate relief but also pave the way for long-term stability and integration. This approach can serve as a blueprint for tackling homelessness globally, fostering resilient communities where everyone has the opportunity to thrive.


Empowering Urban Transformation: Insights from Holistic Research
Our comprehensive study across 10 diverse cities unveils critical insights into effective homelessness strategies. By evaluating various approaches, budgets, and strategic partnerships, we've identified that integrated services—combining mental health care, job training, and affordable housing—are most successful. Cities with optimized budgets focusing on preventive measures and robust collaborations with local nonprofits and government agencies achieved the most sustainable reductions in homelessness. These findings empower us to make informed decisions, replicate successful models, and tailor them to local contexts, significantly reducing homelessness nationwide. Together, we can transform lives and build stronger communities with dignity and stability for all.


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